Adult ministries

How to be more involved!

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  • Adult Small group

    * Every Sunday there is small groups & sunday school classes that meet. These small groups are intentional about connecting, sharing stories, and journeying together through our faith walks together. 

     * Wednesday Nights there is a small group that meets at 5:30 pm for meal and 6:30 for group time. 

  • The Annual Lady's Tea

    In the spring of 2024, our women's group launched a delightful new event called the LADY'S TEA. This gathering has quickly become a highlight, where women from all over come together to socialize, enjoy a fantastic speaker, and build connections.

    Event Highlights:

    • Hosted Tables: Each table is hosted and beautifully decorated with unique tea sets, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere.
    • Delicious Food: Attendees are treated to an evening of delectable food and beverages.
    • Engaging Speaker: We feature a great speaker who shares inspiring and thought-provoking messages.
    • Fellowship: It's a perfect opportunity for fun, laughter, and meaningful fellowship among women.

    Join us for an unforgettable evening of food, fun, and friendship at LADY'S TEA!

  • Church sports

    Dive is very active in sports clubs around town. Dive has played in the Bedford Men's Church league the last 6 years (WON 2x!!) We also, regularly participate in men's, women's and coed softball. 

    Often we have open gym on Monday nights. Contact Pastor Matt to see if the gym is going to be opened. 

  • Adult Mission Trips and serving

    Dive loves to offer mission opportunities! We have served in Gatlinburg Tn, done tornado relief, connect with missionaries overseas and even more! If missions is something you love you can get connected and serve! 

  • Cool community events

    Here at Dive we love to do community outreach events. Here recently we did a Live Nativity and over the years we have done homemade ice cream contests, community park get togethers, Adult Night Outs (ANO,) and so much more!  

  • COLLEGE / 20's group!

    We have a fantastic group of college students and 20 somethings who come together regularly for an amazing time of fellowship and fun. This group, led by Cody & Alyssa Thatcher, offers a welcoming and supportive community for young adults.

    Group Highlights:

    • Small Group Gatherings: Weekly get togethers for deep discussions and meaningful connections.
    • Bonfires: Cozy and relaxed evenings around the bonfire, perfect for sharing stories and making memories.
    • Board Games: Exciting and fun board game nights that bring out everyone's competitive spirit.
    • Community: Above all, it's a christian community where everyone loves being together and building lasting friendships.

    Join Us: If you're a college student or in your 20s, we invite you to join our vibrant group. For more information and to get involved, reach out and ask how you can become a part of this amazing community!