Dive PreSchool

The mission of Dive Christian Preschool is to create child-centered, individualized, developmentally appropriate programs serving preschool children and their families.  Founded on respectful and nurturing interactions between teachers and children, and building on each child's curiosity and creativity, we come together as a classroom community whose goal is to inspire a lifelong love of exploration, thought and learning. Our core values are inclusion, diversity and fairness.  We work in partnership with parents, encouraging family involvement in the program and offering support and education on issues relating to child development and early childhood education with a christian foundation.

Dive Preschool is a Christian preschool located here at Dive CC, schooling is for children aged 3-5. Dive Preschool is a place where children not only grow in knowledge, but grow in

the Lord. Missy Brown and Kelly Newsome teach kindness, listening, and sharing, all principles that act as a strong Christian foundation that will be built upon for years to come. Missy and Kelly have a passion for teaching and guiding young children through the first influential years of their life Overall, Dive Preschool's desire and passion is provide the best education to prepare students for the shift to kindergarden while also being a christian influence.


Dive CC is still taking in children for our preschool program! We know it is hard to find a place where you feel safe to drop off you kids and we want to do all we can to help ease these fears. If you have any questions or would like to meet the staff or even see around the church we would be happy to help you with that! We are a preschool and church that is centered on loving our community and teaching Christ's truth to all! 

Missy and Kelly can be reached at: